Are you wanting to learn to live on a budget? Are your finances a mess because everything costs so much? Welcome to Our Frugal Life. I started this blog to share how I feed my family of 7 on an annual income of less than $34,000 a year. We do not use food stamps or WIC. This is our story of how we feed our family. I am so glad that you are here.

1. Plans for 2015– Start here.

2. Preparing for Success

3. How I Shop

4. Week of January 5th

5. I Messed Up Today and So will You

6. Does Aldi Have Enough?

7. The End of the Budget

8. Making it Stretch

9. Watching the Lord Provide

10. Our Budget Shouldn’t Work

11. Frugal Meal: Soup with Beans

12. What am I feeding My Family This Week?

13. A Typical Breakfast

14. Making Chili With What You’ve Got

15. My Favorite way to Cook Beans and Rice

I hope this has given you a good start on how I feed my family, to continue reading and see my most recent posts click HERE.


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