How We Eat Beans and Rice!

Dave Ramsey, in his FPU course has the phrase, “Beans and Rice, Rice and Beans!” and when I first heard him say it, I thought, “Ehh I could eat little of that but not all the time.” Well I am finding that we actually like to eat beans and rice more than we ever expected.

There are tons of ways to eat beans and rice. Today I am going tell you how I do my current favorite form of the meal. And yes even my kids eat it and enjoy it. I cooked this for dinner at our house on Tuesday night. My 5 yo came and asked me what was for dinner. I answered, “Beans and rice with cabbage.” She replied with a sigh of relief while falling onto the floor. “Phew! I am glad it isn’t soup again.” She loves beans and rice. Each of my kids adds their own personal touches to the meal, my 5 yo prefers to add ranch. My 4 yo son prefers BBQ sauce. Each one has their preferences.

How to serve beans and Rice



I love cabbage with my beans and rice. It has a sweetness to it once it has been cooked and slightly carmelized. It really adds a nice touch. My husband prefers sautéed onions with his, those are good too honestly.


I give my cabbage a rough chop after removing the core, and I saute it in a dutch oven with some butter and salt. I use a dutch oven because I often am cooking a lot of cabbage. This is actually a small head I would have prefered twice this much for our dinner but we made it stretch.


Again my favorite dutch oven, I use this pot for almost everything.



I cooked a pot of black beans for this dinner. I like to use either black beans or pinto beans for this meal. I don’t personally like kidney beans because the outer skin is so tough.

I cooked a normal pot of rice and when it is dished up it looks like this:



I personally add hot sauce to mine, and mix everything together. I love spicy food and this is one dish that handles the spice well.

There are many different ways to cook beans and rice. Beans are really an amazing food that can be used in so many different ways. Some more ideas for ways to cook beans and rice are:

  • Stir-fry vegetables and add Navy beans and your favorite asian flavors or sauces. This one can be so yummy.
  • Make a Mexican themed dinner with your favorite mexican flavors. Beans and Rice, sautéed peppers and onions, cheese, salsa etc.
  • Make Creamed chicken and instead of the chicken meat or even in addition to it add navy beans and serve it over rice.

There are countless ways to use beans. They are an inexpensive protein that when combined with rice gives you a complete protein. Add your favorite veggies and flavors and you have  a great meal.

What is your favorite way to cook with beans?




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