Watching the Lord Provide

Give What you Can, God will Mulitiply it.

I have seen some interesting responses to my posts on this blog lately. It has brought to mind somethings I am learning from The Unveiled Wife. The basic idea behind her message is that as wives we need to stop hiding behind the veil that we so often pull over our hearts and our faces that keep us from true intimacy with our husbands, and our community.

I was hesitant to write about our life and our financial situation. I don’t want people to feel sorry for me or my family. We are here because of deliberate choices that we have made. If I wanted to change our financial situation I am a trained Respiratory Therapist and I could go back to work and increase our income. I am choosing not to do that because I would rather live a life frugally and stay home with my children than to spend my days rushing about pushing myself to exhaustion and limiting my relationship with my children.

I have been humbled more than once at the out pouring of generosity that we have experienced from people as they have read what I am writing here. God has blessed our family in some pretty amazing ways. Many times we have received unexpected gifts of money, and gifts of food. It has been a sweet lesson in trusting God to provide what we need for each day.

The church I attend teaches that it is important to be transparent and to be participating within community. This can be a challenge with your life has needs or other issues that you don’t want to share. There can be misunderstanding and struggles. Yet I have found the more I am transparent the more God uses people to bless our family and give me opportunities to bless others around me.

It can be hard to accept things from others, but if you are willing to be transparent and show your need. God can use that experience to bless those around you. It could be by simply telling your story, or it could also be by listening to what others are dealing with and using that as a springboard to bless others as you can. You may feel like you don’t have much to offer, but if you are willing to offer what you do have, you will be amazed at what God does with it.

This weekend has felt like we have been showered with blessings. I received a trunk load of groceries, and was even given a gift of cash from an anonymous person. When I receive things like this my first response is to think that I need to stop sharing with people our life and how we live. Most people do not want to make the sacrifices, or I should say, supposed sacrifices that we make in order to live the way we do. I don’t usually feel like I am making sacrifices. [Except when I see a lovely purse or a beautiful pair of shoes that I can’t afford to spend money one! ;-)] Yet God wants us to share our lives with those around us. So I will continue to share my story about how and why we do what we do. I am thankful for the gifts that we have received.

In light of that, my plan for this week’s shopping has changed dramatically. I don’t have much grocery money this week at all. I went out on Friday and bought diapers and a few other necessities, and I have $145.44 to cover us until next week. Right now it feels like a lot, because of the amount of food that we have in the house.  I will keep you posted on how it moves along.

Tonight’s dinner is Pork Ribs in the crock pot. I am looking forward to those because I love the broth that comes from pork. I will be saving that for more soup! Yum I don’t have any BBQ sauce or if I do there is only a little. I might make some, or I might do something else. I am not sure yet.

I pray that as you look at your budget this week place it before the Lord. Ask Him to guide your spending and to provide your family with what it needs. God is so gracious to us if we just ask Him.


One thought on “Watching the Lord Provide

  1. Wendy Dalton says:

    Learning to be transparent is tough. I have been In the past with close friends but God has done some changes with friends in my life. I’ve have recently received a huge blessing(s) from some new friends that God has placed in my life.

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